The Faculty of Agriculture is one of the oldest faculties in Mansoura University, where the High Agricultural Institute was founded in 1965/1966 and then became the Faculty of Agriculture in 1973/1974.

The College has many objectives, fused in the crucible of one to serve the nation and society through the preparation of scientific cadres’ distinct cope with the development of science at both the local and regional levels. Not only that but also includes the total number of units which have the character of production, services, and scientific.

Students in the Faculty of Agriculture study both the theoretical and practical science. The duration of study is four years for undergraduates. The College has 13 programs of study for undergraduate, covering all areas of agricultural sciences. These programs were merged into eight programs according to the issuance of Ministerial Decree No. 1485 in 1/7/2009. This is to keep in line with the modern education systems and curriculum development and to keep pace with the developments in the fields of agriculture and labor market requirements.

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